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Delta Will & Rogue Tenant Live at Burdock

Come celebrate the release of Weathering with this homecoming show at the end of Delta Will's east-coast tour!

Buy tickets:
$12 in advance, $15 at the door
Doors at 9:30pm, Show at 10:00pm

Delta Will
With their debut LP Weathering, Delta Will reflect the unsettling nature of being alive today, struggling to maintain hope, love and good will in a world that seems to be catapulting toward its end. Recorded with veteran indie-rock producer Chris Stinger, Weathering shows a maturing of Delta Will’s existential-pop ­sound. The album’s electro-infused beats and samples merge with soulful psych-rock, while cinematic soundscapes induce an out-of-body experience, as though we are floating around, calmly observing the world below. 

Rogue Tenant
Rogue Tenant is a new project from Toronto songwriter Patrick Grant. The music is a combination of sounds influenced by the song-centric sonic diversity of artists like Yo La Tengo and Hayden, as well as incorporating textural elements from post-rock and 70s art punk. Rogue Tenant is a reinvention of Patrick Grant and Flesh Vignettes, who released the "Gather All Around You" EP in 2013. The finishing touches are currently being put on a new EP entitled "Out In The Ether" that will drop later this year.