MARIA LYKOURIS |  Creative Director

MARIA LYKOURIS | Creative Director

Originally headed into dentistry arts, Maria Lykouris decided to redirect her path in 2012 to explore a career in the creative arts instead. This decision has resulted in generating many vistas of opportunity to cultivate a supportive artistic environment within a union of musical and creative beings. With an ever-evolving love for celebrating culture and community, it is Maria’s mission to continue the tradition of gathering people together, capturing the moments through her lens and creatively communicating these moments through media. She is an avid music lover, active community member, and had volunteered with several organizations contributing to their media teams such as Union Events (West), Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and Breakout West during her creative stint in Calgary.

Maria and Sarah Erickson met in the summer of 2013, and found a harmonizing balance between both of their strengths. After a few months snapping shots at The Cliff House in Calgary for Sparrow Tree Productions, some serious discussion between the two began to form a clear picture of ideas, shaping a bright future in Toronto’s cultural scene. With her adventurous spirit, Maria took off to The Big Smoke with Sarah after ringing in 2014, and now as Creative Director, she is responsible for spearheading all things creative from photography and media to show production.

Since her time in Toronto, Maria has had the opportunity to pursue her creative freelance path varying from photography, catering, video and communications work with emerging bands, musicians, and artists. Several thousands of photographs were taken during our handful of amazing shows in 2015. The beginning of 2016 has already shaped out to be an exciting year, as she had an image selected to be in Analogue Gallery's Sound Image 2016 photography exhibition, as well as doing behind the scenes work with Jocelyn Alice for her upcoming music video, radio tours, and interviews. This has been off to a great start and Maria is looking forward to another year of growth with Sparrow Tree Productions.